VHF Dual Wireless Microphone System



  • Receiver

  • Receiving System: Fixed Frequency crystal-controlled
  • Sensitivity: 12dB for 60dB S/N
  • Audio Output: 25K unbalanced: 0-0.5V/5K ohm, 15KHz deviation
  • Output Connectors: 1 1/4" unbalanced output jack, 2 XLR balanced output jacks
  • Power Supply: 16V
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 21 x135 x 45mm

  • Transmitter

  • Battery: 9V Type alkaline or chargeable battery
  • RF Output: 10mW
  • Nominal Deviation: 25KHz, Max 40KHz
  • Battery Life: appx 5 continuous Hours per charge
  • Power On LED
  • Battery Low Indicator
  • Silence circuit eliminated popping noises when the switch is turned on or off
  • Wide frequency response with low harmonic distortion
  • Perfect mute function & high spurious emission