Beam 7R Moving Head Light


MSRP: $1,999.00
(One unit)

MSRP: $5,059.00
(A pair and case)

Nissindo USA is proud to introduce the new IC-A003A Beam Moving Head Spot Light. Equipped with a much stronger 230 Watt Philips MSD Platinum 7R lamp than the pervious 130 Watt 2R, the beam is sure to "wow" any audience with its blinding performances. The IC-A003A Beam comes with an electronic focus with the range of 20 meters, 50000LUX. The IC-A003A's display coverage covers an outstanding 540° horizontal scan and 280° vertical. A total of 17 rotating gobo effects are displayed by 15 different colors including white.

  • Voltage: AC 110~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 350W
  • Approved Lamp: Philips MSD Platinum 7R/230W (8000K color temperature, 2000 hours)
  • Optics: three lens lens group, zoom 0°~3.9°
  • Electronic Focus: 25 meters, 50000LUX
  • 2 channel mode: 16 international standard DMX512 channels or 20 international standard DMX512 channel
  • Horizontal scan: 540° (16bit precision scanning)
  • Vertical scan: 280° (16bit precision scanning);Color wheel: 14 plug color piece + white, rainbow effect with bi-directional rotation
  • Rotating gobo wheel: 17 plug-rotating gobos + white circle patterned shaking
  • Moving and pattern of arbitrary positioning function, pluggable color film, 14 colors + white
  • Channel: 16 CH / 20CH
  • Display: LCD Touch screen
  • Prism plate: 8 prism can be positive and negative direction rotation, and having a positioning function of the prism
  • Strobe: double guillotine strobe frequency the maximum of 13 times per second, and can select with the Machine strobe and pulse strobe
  • Dimming: 0% to 100% linear dimming
  • Atomization: 0% to 100% linear atomization
  • Beautiful blue and white LCD, modulation wheel to select menu, convenient
  • Optional electronic rectifier: make the product lighter, more brightness, more bulbs Stable, more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient,
  • Remote control switch bulbs
  • Beam Dimensions (WxHxD): 25 x 28.5 x 17.3 (inches) / 63.5 x 72.5 x 44 (cm)
  • Beam Net Weight: 38 lbs / 17.2 kg (each)
  • UPC Code: 743062981114