About Us

Nissindo is a reserved trademark in the United States owned by SoundTek Music, Inc. in California. Nissindo is a highly recognized brand name for Karaoke equipment. Nissindo offers U.S. consumers with high quality Karaoke equipment at affordable prices. It has its own engineering team with many years of experience in audio equipment design. Now Nissindo wants to expand its influence globally.

Nissindo believes in the great entertainment idea of Karaoke, which was originated in Japan in the 1980's. Now more than 80% of the families in Japan have Karaoke at home for entertainment. For this reason, Nissindo also wants to bring the Karaoke entertainment into every American family.

Why is Karaoke a great idea for entertainment? Almost every child dreams of being a pop star one day. Now this dream can come true by singing with a Karaoke. In fact, everyone can sing with a Karaoke. The essential success of Karaoke is just that: you get to the center of the stage, and sing like a pop star in the spotlight. By the way, you can always practice at home to improve your singing easily with a Karaoke. It is definitely a great entertainment for families and social gathering.

To make singing a great fun, Nissindo provides the U.S. consumers with a complete Karaoke system. So, what is a Karaoke system? It refers to all the component parts of your Karaoke setup. Depending on whether it is an all-in-one, home or professional system. A Karaoke system may include the disk player, speakers, mixer, amplifier, stereo, TV, stands, microphones, cables, discs, and accessories.

With the hard efforts in research and new products development by Nissindo's engineering team, our "Nissindo" products can offer you the digital sound quality, great echo effect and the convenience for song selection by using VCDs and DVDs. In the 1980's when Karaoke was first introduced by Japan. Karaoke comes in almost every kind of media such as Karaoke cassette, VHS, and laser disk. However, some are less practical than others. Normally you don't want to sing every song from the whole Karaoke cassette in a sequence, but you rather select a song that you want to sing, for example, the tenth song in the Karaoke cassette. However, the cassette or VHS Karaoke media cannot offer the convenience for song selection. They become obsolete today. Now there are some magic microphones, which have built in few thousand songs for selection.

If you would like to learn more about the product lines of "Nissindo", or you want to place an order, we highly recommend you to visit website of Yahoo, Google, and Ebay, etc. We welcome your valuable advice to improve our Nissindo products by e-mailing us at sales@nissindousa.com. Thank you.